Erotic massages for men

One of the biggest problems for men when it comes to having a sexual relationship is erectile dysfunction, but did you know that there are different solutions to be able to have an erection and be able to have satisfactory sexual relations. One of these solutions is that of a tantric massage, a service that can be considered within the erotic massages of Shiva since it seeks sexual and erotic stimulation of the erogenous parts but not Its main objective is ejaculation or physical pleasure.
In this article we want to focus on offering information on massages that help improve erection. This type of erotic massage, which is performed in our center in privacy and in a safe and pleasant environment, seeks to address one of the problems and delve into it to improve blood circulation and stimulation through a body massage where the pressure and advice of our masseuses allow erectile dysfunction to disappear, improve self-confidence and being able to enjoy sexuality to the fullest.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence, is the most common male sexual dysfunction and causes difficulties in achieving and maintaining an erection when having sexual intercourse . This dysfunction increases when we get older but is not directly related to age.
Erection problems are not a cause for concern since there are different causes that provoke the inability to maintain intercourse but there are various solutions such as tantalizing massages and others. It is true that if this dysfunction continues over time it can cause stress or certain insecurities in people who suffer from it, so talking about it with the doctor is the most recommended.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

There are many factors that can cause erectile dysfunction such as diseases, but there are certain components that can help accentuate it, such as alcohol, tobacco, stress or lack of regular physical exercise.
In terms of diseases, diabetes, heart disease, as well as diseases that affect the kidney or liver are the main ones that cause erectile dysfunction.

How to treat erectile dysfunction?

There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction but when it comes to treatments, the more natural the better, which is why many doctors advise trying to have sex more frequently and this is where the tantric massage comes in. This totally natural type of massage allows you to recover sexual libido and explore new contrasts and levels of sexuality.
Discover our center in Barcelona, ​​Shiva Massages, where we have professional masseuses with experience in tantra massages who can help you recover your erection.

What does tantric massage do to reduce erectile dysfunction?

Do you want to know how an erotic massage such as tantric can help you with the problems of erectile dysfunction? Tantra massage is an ancient Hindu technique whose objective is to achieve personal and sexual growth through pleasure. While the dysfunction may be caused by some type of disease such as diabetes, coronary diseases, blood pressure problems, there are other physical and psychological factors that make erection difficult and through a treatment such as a tantric massage can reduce these factors. and reach the erection.
But what can a trantra massage do in erectile dysfunction:

Improves blood flow

On many occasions the lack of flow due to some muscular problem causes erectile dysfunction and this has a solution through tantric massages since they are specially designed to treat areas that other massages will not focus on, such as the genital area and the muscles that surround it. surround. By improving blood circulation in the area, we help unblock possible blood blockages, allowing an erection.

Reduces stress and muscle tension

Another of the causes of erectile dysfunction comes from the stress that causes us muscular tensions and worries that prevent us from rection. Hormones can contribute to a decrease in libido, so treating this problem with an erotic massage like tranny can help you reach levels of relaxation that are very difficult with other types of massage.

More sexual energy

Tantric exercises help to recover libido and the desire to enjoy sex with your partner. The massage and its exercises help increase sexual energy and activate points that until now you were unaware of when it comes to enjoying your sexuality.

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