Claudia Tantric Masseuse

Height: 160
Weight: 50 Kg
Measures: 90/60/90
Age: 23
Features: Brunette with brown eyes
Nationality: Spanish
Language: English / Spanish
Gender: Men, Women and Couples

Claudia: the girl with whom you will not stop dreaming

Claudia is a girl with a dazzling body who, despite being Spanish, has oriental features that will transport you to a very distant place. Its beauty and exoticism will amaze you and you will not be able to stop dreaming about it. She is a very sweet woman who will make you feel the happiest man in the world for as long as you want to spend with her.

Her grace and ease during a massage is comparable to that of an experienced geisha. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the sensations that Claudia can transmit to you using only her hands. Once her body comes into contact with yours, you will feel that it is the best place in the world and you will savor every second of your session together.

An experienced masseuse

Claudia is a beautiful woman who has traveled half the world working and accumulating experience as an erotic masseuse in the best centers. Given her vast experience and how could it be otherwise, we are pleased to say that she has come to work at Masajes Shiva, the best erotic massage center in Barcelona.
She specializes in all kinds of erotic massages, to which she adds a high sensual and erotic component to transform them into an unforgettable experience for anyone who wants to enjoy it. Claudia will do everything in her power so that you enjoy the massage and achieve different levels of pleasure.

Having acquired the techniques of the most prestigious massage centers in the world, in their hands you will end up finding an oasis of tranquility and satisfaction that you cannot find in other massage centers.

During your sessions, use Thai massage techniques to relieve the tensions of the day to day and reduce the levels of stress that have been accumulating throughout the days in your body. With her spectacular body and her extraordinary character she will make you feel absolute relaxation throughout the session until you finally reach the most morbid and exciting orgasm you have ever experienced.

Places full of magic

One of the best advantages of choosing Claudia as your erotic masseuse is that you can also choose where you want her to give you the massage. And we are not referring to the parts of the body where you want to be massaged, since it will not leave any part of your body without caressing, but we are referring to the location.

You can choose to have Claudia give you a massage in one of our rooms specially equipped for you to give you unforgettable moments in her arms, but you can also ask her to go to the hotel room of your choice for this special circumstance.

Whichever place you choose, Claudia will make the environment fill with morbidity and magic to create a unique and unforgettable experience for you. The ideal atmosphere is the key to an exceptional erotic massage and Claudia is able to create this sublime atmosphere with the premise of a singular pleasure session.