Qualities of the best erotic masseuse

The best kept secrets of erotic massage specialists.

Becoming an erotic masseuse is not an easy task. In addition to carrying an extensive journey on their backs, they must also possess some innate personal abilities. Empathy, flexibility and eroticism are some of the virtues of the best masseurs.

The excellent profile

All jobs require a specific select employee profile to be able to work perfectly. The same thing happens in erotic massage centers. However, only a few experts are qualified to carry out this profession.

At Shiva massages, we strictly make sure that all our masseurs meet the necessary characteristics to provide you with the most pleasant experience. We do not settle for a simple correct service, but we always seek to stand out for our excellence.

Experts in sensuality

Erotic masseuses have the power to create one of the most relaxing and satisfying experiences for each of their clients. Although it may seem like it, they cannot magically produce this pleasure, but have extensive knowledge about the human body.

Currently, all our masseurs must know how to manipulate the muscles of the human body therapeutically. For this reason, each movement executed in the client’s body will always have a specific purpose.

It is not only necessary that they master the physiology and human anatomy, but it is important that they know different techniques of erotic massage. If the erotic masseuse focuses on the accumulated tension in the back, she will perfectly know its anatomy, specializing in its treatment.

One of the essential accessories for erotic massages: oil. There is a great diversity of body oils, so it is important to know the right one for each occasion.

Without a doubt, the best erotic masseurs are those that are continually being trained and that cover a wide variety of techniques.

Experts in sensuality

In this job, massage therapists must also possess some innate personal skills.

As in all jobs, it is a requirement to exercise as professionally as possible. In other words, these masseurs must be flexible and adapt to all kinds of circumstances. Being polite and respectful is a basic rule of thumb for working with the public. For this reason, you must be willing to work with different genders, cultures, and different age ranges.

Likewise, masseurs should not establish any link beyond that of the masseuse-client relationship. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to ask about personal aspects of the client’s private life, even if he was willing to tell them.

Another of the essential qualities that an erotic masseuse must have is empathy. In this work, empathy plays a fundamental role for the massage to develop successfully. It is important that the masseuse understands and knows how to locate the needs of her client at all times. Without forgetting the professionalism at any time, the masseurs must be able to bring out their most human side during the massage.

The closeness with which the client is treated will also be a determining factor in the development of the experience. A good erotic masseuse is able to create a relaxing space, where the client can feel comfortable and safe at all times. In this intimate experience, the masseuse must guarantee her confidence to facilitate the fluidity of the massage.

This specialty of massages is characterized by its eroticism. For this reason, the best erotic masseurs work each movement with great eroticism and sensuality. It tends to be one of the innate qualities that they carry in their blood.

During the massage, eroticism will be a key factor to stimulate each of the parts of your body. Only this ability will be able to captivate all the senses of your body. Because yes, in an erotic massage all your senses will come into play.

Although it may seem obvious, physical attractiveness is another of the qualities of erotic masseurs. Her beauty and sensuality will not leave any of the clients indifferent.

Finally, we cannot finish without mentioning probably one of the most important qualities: attention. In erotic massages, the experience must be personalized and adjusted to the needs of each client. Knowing how to listen to him is essential to be able to solve her problems and satisfy him at all times.

It is a constant challenge for the masseuse to know how to listen and read between the lines the demands of the massage recipient. Sometimes these concerns will be expressed by the client himself, but many others will have to be interpreted by themselves.

From these qualities, it is important that each masseuse builds his own profile and style. The key is to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, dedication and experience will be the icing on the cake to turn the erotic massage into an excellent experience.

Only the best masseurs are able to repeat a client and offer them the opportunity to experience a totally different massage from the previous one.

If the erotic masseuse meets the requirements that we have mentioned above, she this she will be able to transport the client to a fantasy to offer the best erotic massage of her life. Because in the end that is what these massages consist of, in helping the client to escape from reality and the continuous stress that is subjected day to day.

The trust and satisfaction of our clients is our main concern. For this reason, at Shiva massages we take very seriously that our workers meet each of the necessary qualities to become the best erotic masseurs. This explains why we have become the best erotic massage center in Barcelona.

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