Tantric Sex: The Four Key Postures

What is tantric sex?

Tantric sex is a practice based on tantra, a philosophy of life of Eastern origin that uses sexual energy to achieve a connection with oneself. It emerged more than 4,000 years ago in India and Tibet, it was a form of protest against the religion that claimed that sexuality had to be rejected in order to achieve enlightenment. Tantra seeks to expand the consciousness of the human being and connect it to the spiritual world and the path is through sexual energy, which is the energy of creation and therefore the most sacred.

Tantric sex is about a mental approach rather than a specific technique. It pays more attention to the process of the sexual act than to the end of ejaculation, unlike the traditional sex we know. It is because during the process is when we can experiment with sexual energy in order to experience long sessions of pleasure and relaxation. The most experienced in the world of tantra can use sex as a form of meditation.

However, even if you are beginning to enter the world of tantra from the first moment you will be able to feel another way of experiencing pleasure in your sexual relations and you will even be able to experience that relaxation and sexual liberation that is linked to tantric sex. . Tantra is a science. Surrender to love, relaxing in it, without expectations.

In tantra, passion is an opportunity to merge and go beyond the mind, the ego. When this meditative state is achieved, the union of the two energies is also experienced. This fusion is deeper as the time passes in which the two of you are sexually united, and then you will reach ecstasy, samadhi.

How to practice tantric sex

This practice is a different experience than what you usually do. That is why it is advisable to prepare the environment by creating a pleasant and special environment. Get a dim light by regulating the room and using scented candles. The temperature should be just right so that you feel comfortable being naked during this long session of pleasure, you can also choose relaxing or sensual music in the background. The goal is to stimulate all the senses before physical contact begins.

Tantra techniques are not only sexual postures, they are also different types of erotic massage to stimulate the erogenous zones and bring the other person to an absolute state of relaxation and pleasure. Tantra is being aware of sexual energy and being able to move it throughout the body. It is the wisdom of the art of making love to experience it not only as the search for pleasure and ejaculation but as the path to tantric orgasm, ecstasy and, ultimately, spiritual sexuality.

To begin with, good breathing is one of the keys to practicing tantric sex. You must sit naked one in front of the other, looking into each other’s eyes, breathing slowly until your breathing is synchronized, this will create a very pleasant feeling of union with your partner and at the same time it will provide you with all the relaxation you need to start.

Afterwards, the best thing to do is to continue with an erotic tantric massage, stimulating your partner’s erogenous zones and making them relax and at the same time be more excited. This is a time when there is no rush and the goal is to feel more and more connected and that you lead your partner to a very intense state of pleasure.

Then there will be a point where you feel that it is time to take this sexual relationship to the next stage, for which we recommend the key sexual positions to feel relaxed, connected and in which you can feel how the energy flows between you. you.

The four key postures

The fusion: It is one of the most relaxing and slow postures of the Kamasutra, the act is performed in deep and circular movements. Both parties seek pleasure in a leisurely way, radiating sexual energy and looking for the perfect connection. It is one of the best positions to delay ejaculation because the man’s body is completely relaxed, without exerting tension or making an effort of any kind while she is the one who sets the pace.

Padm: The man sits cross-legged and the woman sits on his lap, wrapping her legs around the man’s body and hugging him around the neck. The man slowly lifts the woman to experience a unique orgasm because it allows greater stimulation of the G-spot, in addition to maintaining eye contact between the couple.

Unpapad: This posture aims to relax by synchronizing breathing, slow and deep. Both of you remain seated, she slightly raises one leg, supporting it with her hand, and the penetration begins slowly there.

The mermaid: The woman has to lie down on a table face up with her legs extended, being at the height of the man’s waist so that he can penetrate her standing up. With slow, deep movements, both of you will enjoy each other’s warmth and deeper penetration and connection. A variation of this position to make it more pleasant is to place a pillow or cushion under the woman’s buttocks and have her raise her legs together in a 90º position.

Any couple can enjoy tantric sex at the level they want, whether approaching the sexual positions or also taking into account everything that tantra means, the important thing is to create that connection with your partner during the sexual act.

Hygiene is very important on both sides, both in the perineal and anal area of ​​the person who is going to be stimulated and in the hands of the masseuse. In addition, this will help both parties feel more secure during the process.

Using the index and middle fingers, follow the line that joins the testicles with the entrance of the anus from top to bottom with gentle movements, since it is a very sensitive area.

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