The right lighting: the secret of eroticism



At Shiva Massages we have found the key in lighting to guarantee an eroticism that will make your skin crawl

It is a very common topic to ask ourselves what is the best lighting to enjoy a good erotic massage. Today from Shiva we want to solve all the doubts you may have. This is the best lighting to take eroticism to the next level.

What is mood lighting?

Mood lighting is the use of certain lights to give the room a correct atmospheric setting. Traditionally, this type of use is made by playing with the design of our lights and lamps, with the color, intensity and tone of the bulbs. However, mood lighting is in the spotlight right now thanks to the use of smart lights, which make everything much easier. Today there is a wide range of smart lights on the market that can be controlled from your smartphone, and not only in terms of intensity, on or off. You can create almost any color just by clicking a few buttons. Therefore, it is interesting to know the psychological effects that the creation of these environments can have on the subconscious and how it can also be the icing on the cake in an erotic environment.

The benefits of blue lights

A cool blue hue can get rid of stress and provide a light and pleasant atmosphere. How about putting that light in the bathroom? If you like to relax in the bathtub after a stressful day at work, a bluish hue can make you disconnect from problems even more.

The benefits of green light

Green is another color considered relaxing. In fact, studies have shown that green light can even reduce people’s physical pain. How? for the enkephalins. It is a chemical present in our brain that helps regulate pain and the use of green lights stimulates its creation. With blue lights there is also less stress on the eyes allowing you to focus more on things. Have you considered changing the lighting in your office to green?

The benefits of purple lights

Purple lights stimulate our creative side. Do you need to impress someone with your culinary skills? Try putting a purple light in the kitchen. Working on an erotic novel? Take a lamp of these characteristics to your study. Also, purple is a very sensual color too. If we combine creativity and sensuality, we may enjoy our bed more.

The benefits of orange light

Orange means energy, like yellow. Look at it as a recharge of energy when you need that extra to take on the world. If you’re used to working out at home, maybe it’s time to put on some orange lights and run a mile longer than normal.

The benefits of white light

It is a tone of light to which we are, to a greater or lesser extent, accustomed. The lightest color of all, it is also a tone that is also related to energy. In addition there are many shades. You can choose between the warmest and coolest tones to find the one you like best. We suggest you use a lighter shade in the morning and a warmer one at night, to create that aura of intimacy.

It’s a complex universe, right? We have given you the main tricks so that you know how colored lights affect our daily lives in our mood and how you can use them for your own benefit. But now, to what concerns us. How can we create an erotic atmosphere using lights?

There is always the eternal question of whether it is better to have sex with the lights on or the lights off. We tell you, it depends on what you want to achieve. If the basis of your arousal is to see the other person enjoying themselves, you should definitely keep the lights on. However, if you want to feel everything 100%, the deprivation of any of the senses makes the others multiply by a thousand and you are more receptive. If you do not agree, in doing it one way or another we have the solution: maintaining subtle lighting will always create an aura of intimacy and sensuality even greater than keeping the lights completely off or on.

The idea of ​​an erotic massage with the lights on can be uncomfortable at first, but every encounter can be, in one way or another, when it’s something you’ve never experienced before. The key is to have active communication with the masseuse and have full confidence in her.

Also, if you really want to, you can close your eyes.

Can mood lighting help with confidence?

Of course. And we give you the best color to do it: brown.

It’s the color you’re most likely to end up having sex with, says science. From an analysis carried out analyzing the most famous sexual scenes of traditional media, they indicate that 52% of all of them were set with all browns and pale oranges. Therefore, the best color of all is caramel brown.

You have a reason: we all normally associate candlelight with eroticism, romance and sexual intimacy. However, in the vast majority of cases, the bed is not the best place to create this type of atmosphere using candles, because in the end, the only fire we want is that of passion.

These are other great allies in the bedroom

  • Caramel Brown
  • Blue
  • Flesh Color
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Light brown
  • Pink
  • Mauve
  • Peach
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