The Supreme Nude Massage and Shower

Just by imagining the hot water enveloping your body and that of your favorite masseuse, ready to make you feel like a king after a hard day at work, you can already get an idea of what this experience is capable of. to contribute, right?

Normally, the erotic shower is used as a preliminary before a relaxing massage session; and this massage is among the favorites of our clients. Apart from being an intimate and completely relaxing moment that helps to channel energy, it works perfectly to break the ice, thus increasing comfort and fluidity in the experience to later be able to give yourself body and soul to a pleasant interactive nudist massage in the Through her sensuality and eroticism, the masseuse drenched in water will captivate each of your senses during the experience.
Therefore, the ideal combination for anyone who wants to experience a sensation of maximum pleasure is to start with a sensual shower and end with a relaxing erotic massage.

The direct contact between the bare skin of the masseuse and yours under the jets of hot water will help to create an exciting, confident and sensual climate where you can make one of your fantasies come true.

What is an erotic shower?

Why not get out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in new experiences that completely break the daily monotony? The erotic shower is one of those places where you can enjoy new sensations.
Born in the Ancient East more than 5,000 years ago, this massage is the ideal experience for those who want to live an erotic moment, those who suffer from stress or simply the hectic routine does not allow them to have time for themselves and pamper themselves. a little. We could define it as the ordinary procedure of taking a shower but adding a sensual and erotic component to it, the simple idea of ​​this already makes it appetizing and even more so if you share it with one of our expert masseuses who will take advantage of the moment to, with their manual dexterity, make of this a moment of disconnection.

Using different techniques through their hands, the masseuses will massage each part of your body, especially stimulating the most erogenous zones.
As in all our services, massages can be personalized depending on your tastes and preferences. The masseuse will always listen to your needs and satisfy your desires.

To begin with, you will enjoy an erotic shower with the masseuse where you will be able to caress her sensual body. Her movements, the hot water and the foam will raise your arousal to the maximum while the two naked bodies merge. An erotic and sensual ritual that will meet the expectations of the most demanding.

After the experience in the shower, this exceptional erotic massage continues on the futon or bed, where the masseuse will use her entire body through tantric techniques and postures to stimulate all your senses and guide you along the paths of pleasure. A new stimulation that will make you reach the most absolute ecstasy and will allow you to reach a final state of total relaxation, in an interactive experience that you will not be able to forget.

It can offer you multiple benefits

Showering together is one of the best perfect moments to connect or reconnect with the person you’re with and it’s not sexual per se. But many agree that showering together helps create a perfect bond and break many barriers or taboos, it also has a touch of additional intimacy and can even be an erotic moment.
It also has many benefits:
1. Enhances intimacy Research reveals that bathing together brings people together even more than lying in the same bed or hugging, it builds a feeling of closeness, emotional connection, and radiant eroticism.
2. It is a prelude to sensuality Showering together may be the best sensual experience of your life. Warm water running down your skin, soft massages on the neck and the warmth of caresses running through your body will undoubtedly awaken your senses.
Don’t forget that adding subtle background music, dimming the lighting to complement, and turning on the hot aromatherapy steam shower will add to the sensuality of the moment.
3. Relieves stress
Sometimes it is a relaxing experience to disconnect from the daily chaos.
Showers are known to be relaxing, but doing it as a couple doubles the effect and before you know it, you’ll stop thinking about everything that weighs you down and disturbs your peace of mind.
4. The best ideas seem to come in the shower
Dopamine, a good chemical messenger, is released in our brain. Triggers like listening to music and taking a warm shower increase the flow of dopamine, inducing a completely relaxed state of mind. When you are relaxed, you are more likely to pay attention to yourself and your mind to work creatively.
5. Helps improve blood flow
Increased blood flow translates into increased skin sensitivity, so shower sex can improve your sex life and make you more flexible.

A luxury for the bravest

The erotic shower, despite being one of the best steps prior to a massage, is something very intimate that a priori the most reserved can throw back; but if the idea appeals to you and you have any question to resolve, do not hesitate to contact us to resolve everything that worries you about it and help you take the step to enjoy one of the best sensations you can experience.

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