6 key aspects of an erotic massage.

An erotic massage is not just about laying the client on a massage table; it’s a whole relaxation process where various factors come together with the aim of providing an exciting and innovative experience.

Conceiving it under this latter precept will help you provide a dream-like experience, one that will be remembered with great pleasure in the wet dreams of your clients. And this is not achieved solely through high-voltage lingerie or a flirtatious attitude.

It is necessary to consider certain aspects that will turn your appointment with an erotic masseuse into a fascinating session, immersing you in a wonderful universe of pleasurable sensations. If you are a masseuse, you will be able to captivate your clients and even retain them to unimaginable limits.

If you don’t know what the key aspects are for giving an erotic massage that will delight the senses of those who seek your services, don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place.

Really? Absolutely! Through the following article, you will get to know those key aspects for giving an erotic massage with the right conditions:


A pleasant and clean place will make the client feel like they are at home, opening up with confidence and creating the ideal atmosphere to connect and achieve maximum intimacy between both parties to enjoy their sexuality without taboos or complexes of any kind.

Take care to maintain a pleasant space for offering erotic massages, with soft lighting and some light background music to help relax and disconnect from the outside world. Also, infuse the environment with delicate fragrances to stimulate sexual impulses.

Massage Technique

Hey, be careful! Remember that your client is not dough to be kneaded. We say this because the massage technique will directly affect the level of satisfaction the client experiences. Therefore, make an effort to be as gentle as possible with their skin, focusing on smooth but precise movements to release the accumulated tension in their muscles.

Similarly, use gentle finger touches or slow palm rubs.

Erogenous Zones

Identifying them is not an easy task, but it will be the best thing you can do, as these are the “keys necessary to arouse the client like no one ever has.” These zones go beyond the penis, testicles, or the male perineum area.

There are other areas, such as the soles of the feet or the neck, where countless nerve endings are located, which can make your client shiver in a matter of seconds. So take the time needed to explore their body, focusing on those areas that, with just a touch, can elicit thirsty moans.


Here, it’s not about grabbing the cosmetic oil you hastily bought at the supermarket. You should select a special oil with aromatic essences, whose mystical properties for relaxation are exceptional. Its application should not be done sparingly, as if it were some illegal substance.

Pour as much as you consider necessary and make sure its components are not harmful to the skin.


Variety is the spice of life! If you want to try new things, you have every right to do so, especially in an erotic massage when emotions are running high, creating an ideal sexual atmosphere to venture into the unknown. Therefore, include objects with different textures that are soft to the touch.

These can range from feathers to rose petals or fabrics like silk, gently brushing them to convey new sensations.

Short Nails

The final key aspect of an erotic massage is short nails. Keeping your nails at a decent length will prevent you from leaving undesirable marks on your client, which could detract from their aesthetic image and even lead to misunderstandings with people close to their inner circle.

Giving a good erotic massage is not rocket science. If you keep all these keys in mind as you read this article, you will be able to ignite a voracious and insatiable flame that you can only extinguish with your own hands.

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