The perineal massage

What is achieved with the Perineal massage?

The perineum is a very sensitive area with many nerve endings that is located between the testicles and the anus. This massage can be a good technique of sexual stimulation that can be prolonged over time thanks to the fact that the stimulation is not as direct as that of the penis. This allows the man to experience a different pleasure than what he is used to and not associate ejaculation as the only purpose.

However, being such a sensitive and erogenous zone, it can also serve as an aid to accelerate orgasm while other parts of the male sexual organ are being stimulated. With the practice of this technique and others like the KSMO man can become multi-orgasmic.

How is the Perineal massage performed?

This massage has two modes: superficial and deep. In the first phase or modality, the perineum area is stimulated by caressing the skin between the anus and the scrotum, a highly erogenous area with countless nerve endings, especially sensitive also because it is not usually stimulated, it is a new point of pleasure .

The next phase or modality is the interior and deep phase, which consists of stimulating the P point, which is located inside the rectum in the first 5 cm. This area is not difficult to locate even if it is hidden, it is a smooth and rough area and a little prominent, in fact the more excited the man is, the more this area swells and it is easier to recognize through touch. To stimulate it, just make the “come here” gesture with your fingers and observe the reaction and communication with your partner.

Perineal muscles and their function

The male perineum is composed of 8 perineal muscles that are arranged in three planes: superficial, medium and deep.

On the superficial plane we find the external sphincter of the anus, the superficial transverse muscle of the perineum, the ischiocavernosus muscle and the bulbospongiosus muscle, these last two are those that intervene in the erection of the penis. That is why the superficial perineal massage combined with the Lingam Tantric massage immediately benefits the quality of the erections.

In the middle plane we find the external sphincter muscle of the urethra and the deep transverse muscle of the perineum, which supports the bladder and prostate and, if it contracts, contributes to penile erection.

Finally, in the deep plane is the levator ani muscle, which plays a very important role because it exerts the constricting action of the rectum, elevation of the anus and partial dilation of the anal canal, constriction of the rectum, elevation of the anus and partial dilation of the anal canal, actions that play a central role during coital exercise.

The secrets for a massage of 10

It is essential to have a good water-based lubricant that will help the fingers slide and thus avoid annoying friction. In the event that the perineal massage is in the shower, the lubricant must be silicone-based. And if you want to go further, you can maximize the experience with a hot or cold effect lubricant or even an edible one and have your partner use not only their fingers but also their tongue and lips.

Hygiene is very important on both sides, both in the perineal and anal area of ​​the person who is going to be stimulated and in the hands of the masseuse. In addition, this will help both parties feel more secure during the process.

The man who is going to receive the massage must feel safe, confident and relaxed in order to enjoy this experience. In addition to the aforementioned tricks, a good posture will also be of great help, such as lying on your back with your legs open and bent so that the entire area of ​​the genitals and obviously the perineum is much more accessible to the masseuse. If necessary, you can also start giving an erotic massage in the entire area or even the entire body. The important thing is to get the man to be relaxed and trust the person who is going to give him the massage.

Using the index and middle fingers, follow the line that joins the testicles with the entrance of the anus from top to bottom with gentle movements, since it is a very sensitive area.

Repeat the same movement varying the pressure very delicately. At this point, communication is key to begin to know if you feel comfortable and what pressure is the one that gives you the most pleasure. Keep in mind that communication will not only take place by talking, you will also be able to observe the body language of your sexual partner such as the rhythm of their breathing, moans or movements of their body.

For those who are not receiving their first perineal massage, they can take advantage and do Kegel exercises, which consist of contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. By exercising these muscles through active contraction and relaxation, they will train the pelvic floor and will be able to reach orgasm more easily

This massage can be perineal only or be part of and complement other massages such as the lingam tantric massage or the Point P that will lead the man to a maximum pleasure unknown to many. To do this, lubricate the area of ​​the anus well and insert a finger with the palm of the hand facing up. Do it little by little and delicately, about 5 centimeters from the entrance, you will find a kind of fleshy “nut”: caress it with the “come here” movement and you will make the man feel waves of pleasure that will run through his entire body.

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